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One of the oldest forms of stress relief is enjoying the relaxing art of massage. Massage can do so much for common aches like back pain, fatigue, indigestion and insomnia. Many people understand that massage can energize you, relax you and improve your general outlook. But can massage do more? Can massage also help heal what hurts you?


Some people say a massage releases endorphins that help dull the pain of some symptoms without actually healing your condition. Some will also argue that because massage facilitates circulation, nutrient delivery and waste product removal, it will of course help heal a variety of physical problems. And others will also say that massage helps the body heal itself, but not many will suggest or will go as far as to say that massage does something significant for pain and disease management.

However, there are many theories about the nature of disease and health that are not entirely understood by Western medicine. The truth about the nature of disease is very complicated and its causes may be traced to so many possible reasons. However if you're from suffering from a physical problem like chronic back pain, you are more likely concerned about getting rid of it. And this is where research has proven that massage therapy can relieve a number of symptoms and even promote cures in many cases.

According to published studies, massage therapy clearly reduces various types of stress. For example, children who survived hurricane Andrew benefited from massage in a way that it decreased their levels of depression, anxiety and the stress hormone cortisol. Preschool children who are massaged by their parents show better behavior, fall asleep sooner and have more restful nap periods. In adults, massage combined with music therapy and other relaxation techniques significantly reduce the levels of fatigue, depression, as well as increased energy. Massage has also been demonstrated to lower blood pressure and anxiety levels in adults suffering from hypertension.

"I have also had four sessions of aromatherapy with Carole and from the very first session I was blown away, addicted, relaxed and left wanting more. I really enjoyed all the fantastic aromas and making my choice from a variety of blends."

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