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Why choose Complementary Therapy? How does it differ from conventional medical treatment? What are the benefits of holistic treatment?

When we are unwell, our bodies often show some annoying (sometimes painful) symptoms of whatever illness we happen to suffer from. For example, we may have a rash or eczema as a result of an allergic reaction. Or perhaps we are suffering from stress and can't concentrate during the day -- or are unable to sleep at night.

Unfortunately, we often end up with tablets or something that treats just the symptom, not the underlying problem. Skin creme may make the itching less painful, but it does nothing to deal with the allergic reaction that causes the symptoms to appear.

Similarly, sleeping tablets may help you sleep at night, but they do not deal with the fundamental problem of stress = not coping with the daily pressures of life.

Holistic treatment

The holistic approach to health differs from the conventional medical approach in that it takes into account the whole patient and his or her environment, rather than just focusing on the symptom or the part of the body that has the problem.

Holistic therapists believe that the body has an energy system that protects it from disease and allows it to heal. It's called the immune system. When the balance and energy of the immune system is disturbed, the body reacts by producing symptoms of dis-ease. Holistic therapies aim to help the patient restore this essentail balance, encouraging the body to heal itself naturally - just like nature intended.

"I have also had four sessions of aromatherapy with Carole and from the very first session I was blown away, addicted, relaxed and left wanting more. I really enjoyed all the fantastic aromas and making my choice from a variety of blends."

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