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"Carole has made a big difference to my life. I could hardly walk due to knee problems and now, after sports therapy massage from Carole plus the exercise programme she gave me, I can walk well and even climb! Also, I feel that regular therapeutic massage with Carole has helped my general wellbeing and I feel better than I have done for years." Gill D. (Hampton)


I have been having monthly sports massage treatments from Carole now for two and a half years and since I have started them I have had no injuries from my regular sporting routine, which is 3 – 5 sessions a week. I initially consulted Carole due to a painful elbow and this was resolved within a couple of sessions and since then I have noticed a significant improvement and benefit to my muscular repair post exercise, and also have been able to perform at an improved level.

"Any issues I have with muscles or tendons are picked up earlier and treated, hence not developing into a serious problem. In addition, I am more aware and have had advice on techniques I can use at home to ease any problems/aches."

I have also had benefit from the addition of aromatherapy oils to a treatment and the use of specific oils tailored to me has delivered specific benefits, so much so that I took one oil blend away skiing to ease muscles post being on the slopes!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Carole’s treatments 100% and in my eyes the greatest compliment to give is that I would now not stop my regular massages as when I have missed one I notice the impact it has on my body; and also on my performance, and general wellbeing. In my opinion they are now irreplaceable!

Sophie K (Hampton)

I have a manual job which involves heavy lifting and where I developed tennis elbow. Like many people, I'm not very good at getting treatment. I put up with it and thought it would get better in time but gradually it got worse where even to pick up a cup was awkward and painful. I help out with a ladies football team where Carole has been kindly treating the girls with many and varied injuries, with much success.

"I had three sessions with Carole which consisted of muscle tests, massage and soft tissue release, followed by some stretching exercises. There was a little stiffness after the treatments but no pain. The treatments were very effective and the end result has been extremely successful."

I found Carole a likeable, honest lady who is very knowledgeable in her field of work. She is also very helpful and thorough and will always see a course of treatment through to the end. Should I ever need treatment of any kind in the future, I wouldn't hesitate to call her. I would highly recommend Carole to anyone who has any current or recurring injuries.

Miss J. Turner (Feltham)

I have known Carole for a numbers of years, but only recently in a professional capacity.

I first contacted Carole In July 2009 after suffering from tennis elbow which I had never had before. After many sessions of physiotherapy at my local hospital it did not seem to be improving so I thought I would give Carole a call.

"Carole suggested sports therapy massage and my tennis elbow improved and along with the exercise programme that Carole gave me, I am now back on the tennis court and have been since January this year."

Whilst visiting Carole she also asked me if I would like to be a case study for her aromatherapy course which I agreed to. I have never had aromatherapy before and was slightly apprehensive. Overall it was a positive experience although I did find it slightly painful as my pain threshold is very low!

Carole took the time to discuss with the oils that would be used and what would be beneficial to me. She is friendly, welcoming, puts you at ease and is totally professional and passionate about her work. Her treatment room is a place of tranquillity. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to friends and colleagues."

Liz B (Camberley)


Having been recommended to Carole for help with my 16 year old football playing son, I was so impressed with the improvement in his range of movement and just the total freeness he had after one or two sessions on Carole's magic couch, I decided I would see if she could do anything with my 30 year old back issues and lopsided look. I had tried other therapy treatments and found the "quick fix" they offered great, but long term no real joy. I had also been scared off by the mention of the surgery word so I was left wondering what I could do. My life was seriously impeded by my problems. I was unable to play my beloved netball anymore, after playing three times a week. Touching toes could only be done with a 3 ft. stick! Getting out of bed was taking half an hour and just standing and walking was causing a lot of pain. I was starting to become angry and miserable.

"I booked a session with Carole and I am now a very different person, mentally & physically."

Carole's very calming and pleasant treatment room is the front room in her house. It manages to have the perfect balance of a homely, welcoming, professional, but not too clinical, feeling and is very relaxing, a bit like Carole herself! My first appointment with Carole was very enlightening where she carried out an in-depth consultation and put me through various range of movement tests that would help her assess my problems and how best to treat them. The whole time she put me at ease, explaining what these tests were determining. I then had a fantastic massage from Carole, concentrating on my major problem areas. This was the best massage I had ever had, the perfect pressure, firm but not uncomfortable, I felt an instant connection with Carole. After the massage, we talked about some core muscle strengthening exercises, improvements to my posture and how best to tackle some of life's daily challenges. Carole also urged me to go to my Doctor and ask for an x-ray to make sure there was nothing untoward going on. I left with a recommended exercise sheet for some gentle stretching and a new found confidence that life was not in fact over but just about to take a more positive route towards getting good mobility back.

Carole also set to work on some trigger point release, which provided much relief afterwards and was instant and liberating.

"It also makes massive improvements to mobility and range of movements, that much so that after several sessions with Carole I was able to touch my toes!!!!! (without the 3 ft. stick!). And, that was after walking the length and breadth of Paris without any back pain."

I have also had four sessions of aromatherapy with Carole and from the very first session I was blown away, addicted, relaxed and left wanting more. I really enjoyed all the fantastic aromas and making my choice from a variety of blends.

I have always felt confident in Carole's hands and cannot thank her enough for all the above and beyond the call of duty help she has given me. I feel I can be honest with Carole about how I am feeling. With the strategies, she has helped me to work out how to cope with day to day life, the advice on how to improve my posture, strengthen my back through exercise and the general feeling of well being I have has made me much more positive and able to cope. Thank you Carole.

Jane W. (Hampton)


I would have no hesitation recommending Carole’s aromatherapy and massage to anyone –whether they are seeking healing in any way or just pure escape from everyday stresses and strains. Her approach to her clients is at once warm and professional and she takes care in everything she does so it is no wonder that she gained her many qualifications with flying colours.

"The aromatherapy course that I received was excellent. It helped me evaluate those aspects of my well-being that needed TLC and the exploration of the effects of scent on body and mind was quite a revelation."

It was also the little extra touches that Carole adds to her practice that make it special - for example, the scent combination cards, the little gifts of lotions and potions and the scent sometimes added at the end of a session to complete the cycle of relaxation and revitalisation

To those who are about to embark on a course of treatment with Carole – what a wise decision. Enjoy!

Nancy G (Isleworth)

After a very stressful year, I decided that something had to be done to improve my physical and mental outlook and decided on a course of aromatherapy massage with Carole. She made a very detailed assessment of my situation and recommended a course of treatment with specially blended oils to suit various issues and niggles which had been troubling me.

"What can I say, the treatments were totally relaxing and highly beneficial in resolving my various issues and niggles. Carole is a wonderful aromatherapist."

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of a skilled and understanding aromatherapy practitioner.

Sue C. (Hampton)


I would recommend Carole to anybody. She is extremely competent. She is careful to explore the client's needs and provide appropriate treatment. The treatment room is quiet, warm and very pleasant. Carole also provides very useful home exercises, advice and a friendly but professional service.

"My frequent headaches when first visiting are now a rarity. My overall sense of wellbeing continues from one visit to the next."

Sue R. (Chessington)

Carole is a very caring therapist and as soon as you enter her treatment room you sense this. She is professional and efficient in her approach, and her ability as a massage therapist is excellent. I always leave Carole's with a renewed sense of ease and wellbeing.

Gaynor C. (Hampton)

I first met Carole at my football club. I was in agony with my shoulder and neck, caused from a car crash years ago. Previously, I had been to various therapists who have never made a difference to my shoulder and neck.

"On the first session, Carole got straight to work. After the treatment I was given some after care exercises to do, which helped immensely. After a few sessions, I started to enjoy life with no pain."

I am extremely grateful to Carole, she is professional, respectful and attentive. I would recommend Carole every time for any type of injury. She is amazing and definitely has healing hands!

Tara McT. (Surbiton, Surrey)

I first met Carole at the Mulberry Centre at West Middlesex Hospital, where I had booked a series of massages in between having chemotherapy. I was feeling at a low ebb and very nervous and apprehensive, not having had a massage before. I was not sure that this was the right thing to be doing, but Carole soon reassured me that I would be alright.

The treatment room was warm and welcoming and I could sense a calmness there. Once on the couch Carole’s soft hands moved over my body. She told me that I was too tense and to relax, easier said than done.

"Slowly as the massage continued I did begin to relax and I felt the tension that was in me flow away. All too soon the session was over and I left feeling much better and a lot more confident."

I have continued to have massage sessions, but now at her home. The treatment room is again a place of calm, with scented candles and soft music playing in the background. Carole uses a mixture of different oils to suit different clients. We talk during the session, and it really is a pleasurable experience being in the hands of a professional who cares so much about her clients needs.

I have told many of my friends about Carole and have recommended her to people who have a problem, for I am certain that Carole would be able to help. Thank you Carole for all that you have done, and are doing for me.

Hazel R (Hanworth)

The power of touch is considered effective in relieving stress and anxiety and promotes a sense of general well-being.

To book a professional massage for yourself, or a friend, call Carole on telephone number 020 8941 7646 or 07747 047052.